The Thirsty Gargoyle

In the end Peter knows, and the Church knows, that there is only Jesus, that the meaning of God is to be found only in the one man who was man. There is no place to find God except in man, and no way to find man except in Jesus Christ.

Idolaters and pagans, and religious people generally, think you can find God in what they think is greater than man: in nature, in the vast life-force of the universe, or whatever. Christians say, ‘No, you are deceived about God. The only image of God is man.’

Secularists and humanists believe that, if we are careful, we can be honest and find man by looking at ourselves. Christians say ‘No, you are deceived about man; you will not begin to understand man, or yourself, unless you meet Jesus helpless and humiliated on the cross.’

Herbert McCabe, ‘Transfiguration’, God, Christ and Us, 143.
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